Transiting C&D Canal

Picture: approaching a bridge as we transit the Chesapeake/Delaware Canal west bound.

Tuesday morning, September 25th.

Ah, what a difference a full night sleep and a nice hot breakfast of egg sandwiches make.  Lone Star was beginning to roll at anchor as the wind had shifted to the southeast.  We were ready to continue our trek into the Chesapeake Bay by 9:30AM.  Winds were southeast 10-20, still some southerly swells in Delaware Bay.  We were able to sail the 30 miles or so to the beginning of the 14 mile canal, then motored.  The wind dies in the narrow canal and they require the motor on anyway.  It’s ok, we don’t mind making hot water with the engine seeing there is very little sun for solar to provide it.

We only saw two other pleasure boats in the entire canal.  It is really quiet around here!  We expected to see more pleasure craft heading south at this time of year.  Upon exiting the canal we motor-sailed into head winds and a contrary current to the Sassafras River.

The anchorage we chose in the Sassafras River was near Turner Creek and across from Money Creek.  Seemed fitting as last night we were near Money Island so why not stay near Money Creek?  We were once again the only boat anchored there.  Arriving around 5:30PM we decided to leave the sails uncovered as they were wet from occasional light rain showers throughout the day and it was almost sunset.  Have I mentioned we really like our enclosed cockpit!!  Neither one of us needed a rain jacket yet, besides the rain is warm!  We had hoped for a lay day here.  However, the weather forecast was okay for the next day and lack of a cell signal encouraged us to press on to our destination: the Maryland Yacht Club in Pasadena, MD.  We will be attending the Seven Seas Cruising Association gathering (SSCA GAM) there.


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