Recipe Sharing

Who loves to try new recipes? There are so many recipes available on the internet today, one can easily find something new to wake up the taste buds or use the ingredients they have on hand. One can also rediscover one of Grandma’s recipes they enjoyed in their youth.

I want to share an app I use to browse the internet for recipes, download them, add my own labels like Breakfast, Cookies, or Bread; add my own notes, alter ingredients, and save to my App. I do not need the internet to access my recipes within the App.

I’ve also used this app without the internet to type or copy and paste recipes from other sources like documents or emails.

This morning I wanted a quick tasty and healthy breakfast. I made Three Ingredient Breakfast Cookies, but I didn’t have any bananas so I substituted drained, canned strawberries. I didn’t have mini chocolate bits so I finely chopped up a 90% chocolate bar. The recipe says to use both quick and whole oats, so chopping some oats in a coffee grinder worked. The cookies were ready to eat in less than 30 minutes and were so delicious. Really looking forward to making these again with many other fruits, like spiced apples, peaches, pineapple, and of course bananas.

Download Paprika and start saving all your favorite recipes with your notes, pictures, and personal labels all in one place. Share the link to your favorite recipes so others can download them into Paprika too.

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